I take a very active approach to helping my clients create solutions to the problems or issues that bring them into therapy. Because I know that every situation is unique, I focus on providing each client, couple, or family with their own personal tool kit that they can use to eventually become the solution to their own problems. 

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One of the major downfalls of education is that it does not teach us what we need to know about psychology. We  are painfully aware of the impact of having a psychology, but we do not really understand how it works inside our own mind.



I teach my clients about their internal operating system, the programs that function outside of their awareness and are responsible for a majority of the issues that bring them to therapy. 


Once you understand how your operating system does and does not function, I focus on providing the tools and strategies that help bring all of the systems into alignment to improve well being.


With this understanding of your operating system, and an ability to correct the programs when they get disrupted, you can go through your day to day life with a mastery of your internal world so you can excel in the outside world.